• Yes, I think the Senate should call celebrities to testify on public policy.

    I think if the celebrity is knowledgeable and has a passion for the policy being discussed then It would be a smart money to call them to testify, usually many of the Senate testimony are very uneventful but the testimonies with celebrities attending get tons of attention to the issue.

  • Celebs Should Volunteer

    I do not believe the Senate should call celebs to testify before committees on public policy. I believe if celebs have something to offer up on these subjects then they should volunteer to speak and the committees should consider their participation. Just watching Seth Rogen on his Alzheimer's
    Speech yesterday was heart warming.

  • No, Senate should not call upon celebs to testify regarding public policy.

    Celebrities are just like every other citizen. They do not possess any more rights or less than everybody else. If they are called upon to testify on behalf of public policy, it should be because they are citizens and not celebs. I think the Senate should not place any special treatment for celebrities.

  • Why don't they call regular people also

    I have no problem with the Senate calling celebrities, as long as their calling in the average citizen too. No offense to celebrities, but public policy affects the average citizen way more than them The reason people hate congress so much these days is they only seem to listen to the people at the top. They do not listen to the average citizen anymore, unless people take to the streets. Many times they do not even listen to them then.

  • No, absolutely not.

    How about we have senate do their job, and that is to represent us and pass the legislation that we want in each and every one of our states. Why we parade celebrities and athletes onto the senate and congressional floors is beyond me. It's pointless and extremely annoying, to say the least.

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