Should the Senate confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense?

  • Yes They Should

    Chuck Hagel is President Obama's pick for Secretary of Defense. This means that Obama's party should rally around and confirm the pick. Chuck Hagel is also a long time Republican, so they also should have no problem confirming him to the position. They only reason why he might not is because Republicans want to oppose Obama at every turn.

  • Yes, There Should

    There is not reason why Chuck Hagel should not be confirmed as the next Secretary of Defense for the United States of America. Our President has chosen him to lead, and his judgement should be trusted. Unless something very unusual comes out in the confirmation hearings, Chuck Hagel should be confirmed.

  • Theu Should Pick Someone More Left Wing

    The Senate has a majority of Democrats. This means they wield the power in that part of Congress. They should ask the President to appoint someone more in line with the left wing ideals. Chuck Hagel is a pro-war politician who is pretty conservative on many issues that deal with war and defense.

  • No

    Chuck Hagel is a big hawk. He has had some very pro-war stances in the past and will probably not abandon them. Obama is also pretty open to going to war and using illegal war tactics to get what he wants. Putting these two together seems like the perfect storm for getting into a war, killing people with drones, and continuing the policy of torture.

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