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  • No, what is the government for, if not that?

    A natural disaster is not something that is caused by people mismanaging things that they then have to figure out how to solve for themselves. A natural disaster affects not only the infrastructure but also people's ability to be productive in their own lives. It would be a sad state of affairs if in every natural disaster people would be left to fend for themselves without any aid. We would soon have pockets of this country that would be wastelands if people would not be able to rebuild their lives or their property.

  • No, we need to take care of people

    These are the kinds of reasons we have a government. We need to take care of people when bad things happen and people need to know they can only fall so far without a safety net. We owe it to people who were victims of chances we could all fall prey to one day. This is why we are a country and not small bands of villages that trade with each other.

  • No, Sandy relief should not be cut.

    There is no compelling reason to cut aid for Sandy relief. If cuts need to be made, it should be in other areas, like defense spending, and the salaries of Senators! Average people lost their homes and businesses. They need help to re build, and the government should help in any way possible.

  • No They Should Not

    There is no good reason that the Sandy Relief should have its aid cut. People are giving out of kindness to those that need the cash. Why stop that? People should be able to give as much as they want for how long they want to. The senate does not need to step in and meddle with this situation.

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