Should the Senate drop the gun control debate and move on to other issues?

  • Yes they should

    Otherwise they will be moving on. It's only common sense that the United States has never been invaded because it would be suicide for any foreign army to have to deal with hundreds of millions of potential gun owning citizens. If only 10% even know how to shoot that is still a very BIG problem for any invading force.

  • Economy Needs to be First

    The Senate needs to work on other things like the economy, the Keystone XL pipeline and other more important issues like the federal budget. Reforming the tax code and the federal deficit are also priorities ahead of gun control. Hopefully, President Obama won't make gun control a huge issue as he did the Affordable Care Act.

  • The gun control debate cannot be productive.

    Given the current polarized political situation in Congress these days, the gun control debate is not going to go anywhere productive. Unfortunately, the paranoids at the National Rifle Association got their way on this one. Best to drop it, move on to other things and then pick it up again when the NRA isn't paying attention.

  • Jobs are more important

    Congress has been promising jobs bills since the last mid-term elections in 2010, and we're yet to see anything comprehensive. There are already so many millions of weapons in private hands, that it almost doesn't matter what further gun control steps we they take. We have far more pressing issues than prohibiting a constitutional right.

  • The Senate should drop the gun control debate and move on to other issues.

    The Senate should drop the gun control debate and move on to other issues. By now if they do not have an answer to the problem then they should just drop it and move on or they could do the popular thing and shut down the government for awhile, go on vacation and think about it. I think the Senate could be handling other issues.

  • It should have never started

    The currently proposed legislation does little to combat gun violence. An assault weapon ban, for instance, targets a fraction of a percent of all violent crimes involving firearms. Even in the best case scenario this will have no noticeable impact except imposing yet another unnecessary restriction on the freedoms of American citizens. I also find it reprehensible how the occasional school shooting is exploited to push this and other agendas.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Any day now.

    Seriously. Gun control is the LEAST of all the problems America has right now. We have a 17 trillion dollar debt. We have crazy countries trying to obtain nuclear weapons. How does 10,000 gun homicides a year compare to any of that. That's 1/30,000 of the population. Hardly a national crisis, a crisis that people only seem to care about when there's a "massacre".

  • They should not.

    The Senate should not drop the gun control debate and move on to other issues. This is a very important issue to the American people, and it need to be resolved. Pushing it aside to work on other issues will only make people angry, and it will not be helping anyone.

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