Should the Senate have passed an online sales tax?

  • It's the obvious thing.

    As a country we want to maintain our income level to pay bills and increasing taxes for already high taxed people/businesses is not the thing to do. Spread the tax load amongst the markets! Plus protecting "store" companies that compete against online sites is beneficial since they provide more jobs. Capitalism will decide who wins but unfairly taxing one sector is wrong and bias.

  • They put non-online companies out of work.

    They (Amazon for example) are putting off-line businesses (like Barnes and Nobles) out of business because they can sell stuff cheaper. Every company owes it's fair shares, and when they don't, they can undercut prizes and screw over companies that have to pay their fair share.

    When a company gets it so they don't have to have as many taxes, it's not a chivalrous charge to defeat an "all evil tax scheme!!!" It's greed.

  • They should have passed an online sales tax.

    I think that the best way to answer this question is to simply look at our national debt. If anyone actually thinks that we can get that level of debt under control by spending cuts alone, then they are not view this problem in a rational manner. We need to generate revenue, and a sales tax does that.

  • Yes, I support Internet sales taxes.

    Internet sales are becoming more and more popular across all generations. While buyers benefit of the convenience and practicality of buying without leaving their home, this has taken away business from local stores, which would have paid taxes on the sales revenue. As a consequence states are getting less income from sales tax. Online sales are only going to increase in volume, and it would be fair for the small businesses if they were taxed as well.

  • It should not pass an online sales tax.

    I think that we need to realize as a group of people that enough is enough when it comes to taxes. I am so very frustrated at being taxed to death in every manner possible, and I want to see some spending cuts before we now have to pay online sales tax.

  • Enact a business-privilege tax instead.

    An online sales tax is too complicated, as the tax rate you should be charged literally comes down to your address and the item you bought. Its over-regulation that is the problem.

    We should get rid of sales taxes altogether, and merely have business privilege taxes instead. That way every business is treated equally in the eyes of the tax code.

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