Should the Senate pass an Internet sales tax bill?

  • Yes, make it progressive.

    Yes, but make the huge companies pay it, and don't allow them to pass the cost on to the users. The middle class is taxed so heavily in this country that they can hardly breathe, and there is no more for Corporate America to take from them; they need to start paying their own way.


    No more taxes..We pay enough now. Refuse to pay anymore because they tax us enough now, how much more can the working poor pay out, how about the medicaid start paying taxes? How about the rich start paying more out instead of letting the working poor taking the brunt of all taxes.

  • no you shouldnt provide to tax for online taxes

    Becuase think about not only are you paying for shipping and buying the item and on top of that have taxes on items thats not good. I dont believe that in every state it will be the same amount they charge on an item they are selling. I like shopping online i strongly disagree.

  • Internet shopping should be free of taxes.

    We pay too much in taxes already, my state has one of the highest sales taxes. Internet shopping should be tax free mostly because it would be a nightmare to monitor and enforce equally across the board. Internet shoppers would be happy to pay taxes but who's going to regulate it? The states, the federal government? If more tax collection is the goal start with millionaires who pay too little in taxes.

  • NO internet sales tax!

    We already get taxed high enough in the stores, we should not also have to be taxed by shopping online. I feel like online shopping makes things easier and stress free not only for the consumer, but for the workers and larger companies as well. Leave it how it's always been, and cut us some slack!

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