Should the Senate pass the Paycheck Fairness Act?

  • Unequal pay is unconstitutional

    I think it's ridiculous that women are getting a significantly less amount of money that men are per paycheck. I think it's actually kind of sexist. The stereotype of women is that they can't do the hard work like men can but I think that is way untrue and I'm not just saying that because I'm a woman; I really believe that.

  • Paycheck Fairness Act should Pass

    Yes, the Senate should pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. In the year 2012 it is abominable to think that women only make 77 cents on the dollar that men make in the same position. There should be no reason for that disparity should both the individuals posses the same skills and abilities and if it has to be rectified using this act, then the Senate needs to pass it immediately.

  • Everyone Deserves Equal Pay

    America was founded on the principles of equal rights for all. Congress shouldn't have to pass a bill giving equal pay for every citizen, but there is a need to bridge the racial and gender divides among salaries. It's not fair that white men earn more money than other classes of citizens. Woman and minorities should earn just as much as anyone else. Even though the Constitution already guarantees equal rights, the free market economy is still dominated by old white men with antiquated values. Get over and pay everyone equally already!

  • Men and Women Should Receive Equal Pay

    Men and women should all receive the same amount of pay for equally challenging work. Not only is it unfair for there to be a difference in pay, it breeds a mentally in which women aren't motivated to work as hard anymore because they know that they'll just be treated unfairly in the end.

    In this country, there's a fundamental belief that everyone, regardless of their background, should have a fair shot at success and achieving whatever they put their mind to. This is the essence of the great American Dream. If we continue to have this disparity in pay between men and women, then we are clearly inhibiting women from achieving this fundamental belief.

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