• No, the Senate shouldn't refuse the "No Child Left Behind" rewrite.

    I do not think the senate should refuse to pass the "No Child Left Behind" rewrite. It is obvious the bill has not been working that well lately and it has not been in the best interest of the public to keep it the way it is. A rewrite on the bill can be beneficial.

  • Yes, the Senate should refuse to pass the House's rewrite

    The Senate should absolutely refuse to pass the House's "No Child Left Behind" rewrite. As a teacher I know that this act has cause nothing but headache for myself and other teachers. This should just be thrown out all together. It is impossible to teach properly and adhere to the requirements of this act.

  • It is not proportionate

    As usual, the law seems to give more money to schools who are doing well and leaves behind the schools who are not doing as well The law also seems to discriminate against the schools with the most minorities. The charter school idea was also a debacle, as they only choose a certain amount of poor kids and the rest are still stuck in a system that does not work.

  • Not at all

    No, this is a very good program that is going to be something that helps out all of the kids in this nation, and makes our country catch up to a lot of the others when it comes to the world education system and how we are falling behind a lot.

  • No, The Senate shouldn't refuse to pass the House's version of the "No Child Left Behind" act.

    I feel the Senate needs to take a honest look at the rewrite of the bill and see if they can agree with the houses revisions, if they have issues are they large enough issues to kill the entire bill or should the Senate compromise with the house and pass the rewrite, I think the smart choice would be to vote on the rewrite.

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