Should the sentence for killing someone when drunk driving be longer?

  • Yes, in certian situations.

    Everyone knows the dangers and the penalty for drunk driving. If you are drunk driving and kill someone due to reckless behavior than you do deserve to be punished, that person has no excuse. I also think those who are caught drunk driving but did not injure anyone should be punished more harshly as well to further prevent them from doing so again.

  • Yes it should.

    I live in a state where drunk drivers are a menace. We have people with 30 or more DWI convictions that are still driving. Many of these people go on to kill someone and only spend a couple of years in jail. They should be required to spend more time in jail and they should have their driver's license revoked for life!

  • It Shows Bias

    The sentences for committing traffic fatalities are unbalanced and unreasonable. This shows bias and prejudice. The variances in sentencing are extreme; from months for minor traffic violations to years for drunk driving. Dead is dead--a fatality is a fatality. All traffic fatalities should have the same sentencing. Sober people don't have a disease that caused them to be impaired. They were just negligent.

  • Don't Play Doctor

    Don't think a longer jail sentence will prevent someone from driving drunk again. You will just add to the person's resentment. The only way to stop an addicted person from using that particular drug is to ensure the person gets treatment. Otherwise, the addiction prevails. Jail isn't treatment. Jail is punishment. Punishment is not medicinal so stop playing doctor. Twice as many people are killed by sober drivers. Even two MADD Presidents have been arrested for drunk driving.

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