• Re-releasing "The Shining" will give audiences more to enjoy.

    There is money to be made from a re-release of "The Shining," and using an alternate ending would draw more people to purchase the release. Many fans of the film would be open to watching a movie they enjoy with a new twist. Critics may argue that they are messing with a classic, but the classic is still there, and this is just something to add to an already great story.

  • The Shining should be re-released with the alternate ending.

    I think that the Shining should be re-released with the alternate ending. I feel this way because I feel like the reported ending adds more details to the story and gives fans an deeper look into an intense film. Details were left out about that hospital that would change audiences view of the movie and an entirely different perspective on what the film really meant. I think a re-release with the alternate ending is totally worth it.

  • "The Shining" Should Be Released With the Alternate Ending

    If "The Shining" is released with an alternate ending, the movie will once again be brought to the public eye. If there is a new ending, people will be reminded that "The Shining", which is already a culturally relevant movie directed by a famously good director, exists and will be interested in viewing it, which will increase profits.

  • Hundred percent NO!

    If "The Shining" re-released with the alternate ending, that would destroy the classic story set of this movie, Jack had been frozen but no been destroyed or been killed, it was mean his madness would be exist forever, maybe just convey to his son, Tony. There was a screen is Jack through a ball on the ground, then Tony pick it up, it was means Tony will receive everything that his dad ever did. So, if "The Shining" re-released with the alternate ending, it just to add hall to snow. But the produced group can release the clip or some interesting sidelights that the public have never seen before, This is way that can make public re-focus on this classic movie but won't change the movie's originality unless the director Stanley Kubrick is strongly insist to produce "The Shining" and those actors and actresses would like to be torment again.

  • No, Kubrick decided that the movie was better without it.

    The alternate (or original) ending to "The Shining" should remain in the dustbin. The scene leads to far more questions than answers, and feels too much like a "wait for the sequel" scene, inserted at the end to cast doubt upon the fate of the main villain. Kubrick decided that the film was better without the ending scene, and we should respect it as his movie.

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