• Yes, the Small Business Administration should be eliminated.

    The government is far too large and full of bloated programs that do very little for the society at large. The Small Business Administration is one example of a government out of control. This program needs to be eliminated. The Federal Government has no responsibilities in this area and by eliminating this program they could save millions of dollars.

  • SBA should it be eliminated?

    I don't beleive that the SBA should be eliminated because not only would it make owning a small business alot more difficult but it would cause other people to loose jobs and we dont want to see any other people suffer from job loss in the United States. I think that they should keep things the same.

  • Small businesses need support

    The Small Business Administration is one government agency that, I think, should not be eliminated. It provides support to small businesses. Small businesses are very important to our economy. They provide tax revenue for our government. They also provide jobs for Americans. We should support them in any way possible.

  • No the Small Business Administration should not be eliminated.

    The economy of the United States (US) depends on development of small businesses. The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides critical resources to all small businesses. These resources go from basic start-up advice, business plan development to providing access to funding for capital construction projects and working funds. The SBA keeps small business on the road to success and job creation.

  • A good program

    No, I do not think that this program needs to be taken away. It is a very good thing to have in place, and I think that we need to keep it around for as long as we can, and if you look at the good it has done you will to.

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