Should the smart kids and dumb kids be separated.

Asked by: Clutcher04
  • Yes, They should be Separated!

    All it does is slow down students learning and we want the smart kids to excel and the dumb kids to still have help and get attention to let them become smart. Smart can be Smart, and Dumb can become smart being in different classes. How do you feel about this?

  • Yes! This is a good idea!

    Almost nobody in my class is willing to shut up so we can learn. The thing is, I can kinda sympathize with them. I get it. This is boring, and we're never gonna use this. I wanna just get my marks and go home. But they won't shut up, thus making a bad experience worse. I don't care if they're not really retarded. If they're gonna act retarded consistently, then they can go in the special class.

  • I think they should be separared

    The smart students can excel more. However, in some schools they only push the smart ones furthurer than the less advantaged children which in my past experience is wrong. The dumb children should be pushed more so that they have the right education and grades behind them to do well in their lives. How do you feel about this?

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