• Smoking age SHOULD be 25 or older

    The smoking age should be higher because 18 yearolds are still growing and the smoke could hurt them more then older people who smoke. And they will be hooked on smoking for a long time then. Also because 18 yearolds are probably in collage so instead of getting books,etc there spending it on cigarettes.

  • Smoking should be age 25

    I believe smoking should be age 25 and underage smokers get medical help immediately. I think this because to many teens get addicted to smoking cigarettes. Also, 90% of adult smokers started smoking at a young age. Finally, smoking causes to many deaths in the united states of america today.

  • Horrible idea and a waste of time and resources

    There's absolutely no reason the smoking age should be anything higher than 18. You're an adult at 28 therefore you should be able to smoke (and drink) anything you want. Raising the age wont do anything besides make smoking more popular among youth, as it will make it more mysterious and rebellious. The more you tell people not to do something, the more they'll wanna do it. Haven't we learned out lesson?

  • I do not agree with the smoking age being 25, let alone smoking.

    Does no one know that the inhalation of smoke from a cigarette or a cigar is unhealthy for the human body? We are HUMANS, not garbage cans! Our bodies are meant to ingest natural and healthy foods when we need it. I have heard that many smoke because they are depressed. What is there to be depressed about? We have everything that we could possibly want, everything that makes us happy. It was much worse in the 1920's, so do not think that YOU are the one with all the problems. We must learn to appreciate all that we have.

  • Right and cigarettes

    Those who choose to smoke are usually depressed individuals who resort to cigarettes as a form of relief. Their right to smoke is far less important than the rights of other people who do not want any association with a cigarette. Just because they have issues a good reason .

  • What's the reason you can't smoke until the age 25?

    I understand WHY we can't smoke, but I don't understand what ciggerates are for. Aren't ciggerates made for smoking? Why can't we use an item thats made for it? We made pencils to write with and we made erasers to erase. So we have ciggerates to smoke, is it wrong?

  • Protect the Economy and your pocket

    The sale of tobacco and cigarettes helps to boost the economy greatly in terms of tariffs, rebates, reliefs and so on. By increasing age limit, the country's income will be reduced and thus translates to more taxes imposed on the people. This will raise unemployment and crime rates on the whole.

  • I disagree that the age should be 25.

    Teenagers are going to do It no matter what. They are going to get ahold of cigarettes regardless of the age. The age is 18 as of now (where I live). I see underage smokers all of the time. It's no different then people doing illegal drugs. People can get ahold of illegal drugs all of the time. Also even though it's bad for your health, It's till going to happen. You can tell somebody the health risks time and time again but there's nothing you can do unless the person WANTS to quit.

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