• For the smokers it should.

    A lot of 18-year-olds are in the 12th grade and so are a lot of 17-year-olds. It is too bad a 17 year old in the 12th grade can't legally even smoke like an 18 year old in the 10th or 11th grade can. Just stupid. Laws should be based on grade level, not age.

  • Why would you want to have kids smoking?

    I would not lower the age requirement, I would actually raise it. It should be raised to 21. By 21 you are considered an adult and can do what you want. By this age you have most likely developed the ability to make better choices (like not smoking). If we raise the smoking age limit to 21, I guarantee to you that the amount of people and the harm that is done by smoking will decrease!

  • Leave it as 18, but more importantly be consistent with age restrictions!

    While it is somewhat arbitrary we need to draw the line somewhere. I believe consistency is the key. We should not draw a bunch of different lines unless it is clear that what ever you have to wait for until you are older requires more responsibility and maturity than the other thing.

    Most ages are 18 so I say make all the ages 18 except for ages to run for political office as those things requiring more responsibility than say the choice to live on one's own, sign a contract, smoke a cigarette, drink, vote, join the military, is obvious. Even make the driving age 18, or more. Consider that driving can put other people in danger and maybe we should raise that to 20, although if we do that then we have to raise the military age to 20 at least to be consistent. But then to be consistent we'd also have to set age restrictions for any job where if done wrong could put others at risk, at least for jobs that don't already have degree or certification requirements (by law, not just by popular demand of employers).

    A lack of consistency in laws such as age restrictions fosters disrespect for the law. When laws are consistent then they make sense and people are less likely to flout them.

  • No would you want kids smoking

    No! Obvoiously no would you like a 10 year old to smoke! Maybe not you don't even want a 60 year old smoking. Any smoking is terrible definetly for anyone who is under the age of 17. No one 16 and under or any age should be smoking. If you see a teen,tween or lil kid smoking call the cops NOW! We need to protect children 16 and under froms smoking.

  • Worse Idea ever!

    Why on earth would we past a law that gets people addicted to tobacco at a younger age? Tobacco is also a gateway drug to marijuana, which when the two are combined they become more addictive and harmful. In actually I think the smoking age should go up to 21.

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