• No side needed

    This is the kind of question where one shouldn't think like our government does by picking favorites. The people who are affected by this are the teens, smokers, and the dying caused by cigarettes. I for one say yes and no but, mostly yes. The teens I see smoking everyday by the high-school are ruining their lives. They get these cigarettes from older people. The older the age the more mature at times making them harder to get. The dying well no question needed. The real fault is with the smokers. The young ones who won't be able to buy them. This addiction will make them start riots and result in crime. That's two saved and one hurt which is why I say yes. My opinion is we should make cigarettes with healthier ingredients.

  • It should be 100

    Smoking should be illegal. It is a drug and it is addictive. It causes damage to your body which eventually the government pays for through health care.

    It also causes damage to others through passive smoking, which has been found to be even more dangerous than actual smoking due to the lack of filtering.

  • Look where we are now......

    Think about it! We shouldn't encourage youths to smoke. What would children think about their capabilities? Imagine what might be going on in their minds..." Well, my folks are doin' it and their O.K so why can't I start?" The age of cigarette should be higher to discourage the younger generation. So in the future smoking and smokers will be greatly minimized.

  • Cause of cancer.

    Everyone knows cigarettes cause cancer and thats why the age must be increased. With the rate if people dying every now and then due to lung cancer and smoking: its absolutely necessary for such an event to take place everywhere on this planet... Addiction also plays a vital role in this happening.

  • Raise the Smoking Age

    Anyone that is 18 years of age or older can smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products in the United States. This age limit should be raised to the age of 20 because smoking is so dangerous to human health. Smoking can impact the lives of people that never puff on a cigarette after all.

  • Yes, it should.

    The age should be raised to lower the amount of underage smokers that still purchase and use tobacco products. A lot of teenagers will still (and still do) smoke tobacco, but it will surely lower the amount of underage users that partake in smoking. Smoking causes lung issues which is something that shouldn't be introduced especially if their body is adjusting and changing at the time.

  • Age of cigarette should be higher \

    Cigarette causes many problems. It may be fairly said that cigarette is the root of all illness but even adult can't control having a smoke. How about adolescent? They really don't care about cigarette's dangerousness and they kept smoke. If we have cigarette in young age, we can get in illness more easily so, it can cause many problems to our body when we grow up such as lung cancer and many other, because of those reasons I strongly think age of cigarette should be higher to 25

  • No it shouldn't

    I live in New York City where they proposed to raise the cigarette buying age to 21. I see many people under 18 smoke and I feel if the age is raised then young people will still find other ways to obtain cigarettes. Instead of raising the age why not educate young people about the consequences of smoking instead.

  • Stay the same, or make it 21

    I know my headline is contradictory. I want the cigarette buying age to be the age of a legal adult, which is supposed to be 18. I think drinking should be 18 as well. If our government decides that the age a child becomes an adult is 21, then make drinking and smoking 21 also. An adult should be able to make their own decisions.

    I don't care about the health problems. I care about adults being able to think for themselves and make their own decisions in this so called "land of the free."

  • People who are 18 are adults!

    When you think of youth, you think of teenagers. However, most 18 year olds have jobs, are living on their own, and honestly, it is stupid to ban smoking. It's a bad decision, but it is a choice that anyone should be able to make as long as they can make sound decisions. Adults can make their own decisions, and should be allowed to do whatever they want (within reason). Taking away that freedom of choice makes America not so free.

  • No, the age set is appropriate for economic reasons.

    A person at 18, who can join the military, buy a home, get married, buy a car, and vote, should not be declined another right that should be given at 18.
    In addition, the tobacco industry is a $661 billion industry, about 80% of people who smoke start between 18 and 21 years old. This would be detrimental to the tobacco companies.
    The opposition may say we need to protect the health of our people. However, if we are allowing 18 year olds to join the military and do other adult activities, we cannot take away a choice.
    There are also many restrictions placed on tobacco companies like no television advertisements, tobacco has to be behind the counter and not on a self serve shelf, and no smoking in public places. There have been maybe precautions set already.
    It is as simple as this: if you do not agree and want to raise the age, don't do it. We shouldn't limit the choice.

  • It probably won't help

    Many teenagers already get somebody older to purchase the cigarettes for them, so raising the age probably won't help that much. We should raise taxes on unhealthy habits that will cost us later, such as smoking. The key is to get them to say no to the first one, because after that, it becomes addicting.

  • Give us liberty or give us death.

    When you are 18, you can join the military, drive a car, buy a gun, and gamble your money away but you can't have a cigarette. This is ridiculous. I believe this same logic should apply to drinking. When you are an adult, you should be able to make your own decisions. Not the government. If you are not harming anyone but yourself, who is the government to tell you to stop. Smoke nannies like Bloomberg and everyone who voted yes have lost truly do not care about freedom. And I hate hearing your relative died of smoking. This does not happen to everyone. Using this logic, people die of alcohol and car accidents. Should we ban driving and alcohol in the name of safety. What matters more? Absolute safety or living free? It really comes down to that. When you are an adult, you should be able to make this decision and live with the consequences. PERIOD. It is not your doctor or the government's decision, it is YOURS. Take responsibility for your own decisions!

    "Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." - Benjamin Franklin

    Give us freedom or give us death.

  • Stop the convenience of the tobacco and alcohol!

    The age limit is fine for tobacco and alcohol. The problem is that these products need to be moved back into restaurants, bars, tobacco and liquor stores. The current convenience is that these products are in gas stations, convenient stores, some dollar stores, some grocery stores and super grocery stores. People take children into these grocery stores where you have alcohol & tobacco mixed in with the produce, the chip isle, strung out all over the store, at the check out isles mixed with candy and soda drinks. The places that they are in are an inconvenience when you take your under age children out with you shopping. Nothing worst telling you child that they can't have the juice in the produce aisle because it's not apple juice it's "Reds Apple Ale". The products just need to be stopped parading around in front of our children, they need to be in places that are for adults only or in a place in stores to where the people who can enter in are 21 or older and not just openly displayed anywhere and everywhere just to make a profit.

  • Don't raise it

    Lets look at the UK for example, Their smoking age is 18. Their Drinking age is 18, The legal age of an adult is 18 almost worldwide. Why not just make everything 18? It seems reasonable, Nothing better prepares you once you start at 21. I know most of the Democrats and right wing Christians support this idea, I'm more libertarian when it comes to cigarette smoking. I think the age should stay. If you look at the statistics, Cause of death by smoking has stayed nearly the same, But its actually going down because of the E-cigarette. I know the E-cigarette has nicotine, But it doesn't have all of the carcinogens. There are over 400 lobbyists in the tobacco prevention group. You'll see that the government regulates tobacco because most of the people in charge are career politicians.

  • No it should not

    There's simply no reason for that. 18 is the age of adulthood and everything should be legal for people ages 18+ (drinking included). I don't see why everyone always has to treat under 21s as second class citizens. It's discrimination. Keep the age at 18 as it's always been, no reason to change it out of the blue now.

  • Artificial regulation doesn't address the issue.

    We are all free agents. And curious. Regardless whether something is legal, or illegal, if it is available, people will find a way to try it. Attempts to limit this agency will backfire. The more successful solutions will take a systems view of the problem and address (addictive) smoking as a behavior that results from a long chain of economic and social decisions. Only by revising those decisions and presenting the experience of smoking in a genuinely different framework will the behavior begin to change. 60 second summary:

    Tobacco has evolved into a superdrug essentially, and that is why it is dangerous. Both the quality and the quantity produced are absurd. If these can be limited, the system will self regulate. Smokers will only smoke the amount that is available, and will budget their smoking accordingly. Socially, smoking has become a fashionable addiction, instead of a once-in-a-while past time or indulgence. There are movements that could be made from an advertising, education, and social platform, that could encourage more responsible enjoyment of tobacco at appropriate times, instead of labeling it the "forbidden fruit" it is today. Increased awareness and adjustment of the social perspective will lead to measurable change in habits.

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