Should the snow days count for schools be extended? (how many days should it be)

Asked by: ZayB
  • Thanks to global warming, yes

    I am a student, so I know firsthand how many snow days we have taken off lately— several days more than what is allowed in my state. If the weather was normal, I'd say we don't need more snow days. However, it's undeniable that global warming is occurring as we speak. The weather will only get worse, and conflict with the limit of snow days. Due to global warming, it is essential that we increase the amount of snow days allowed, so we can adapt to the ever changing weather patterns. (Or at least try to).

  • Snow can be very dangerous.

    They should get all of the days that they legitimately need. Because I live in an area that has a lot of snow, and coincidentally, we live in a very suburban area. If we lived in a city, it would be different. But as of now, things can get very dangerous with the amount of snow on the road.
    Even if you have to take 12 days off, and need to spend the days in the summer at school, at least you don't need to worry about iced over roads.

  • Snow is inevitable and unpredictable

    A few years ago, my school had soo many snow days before the end of December that there were no closings once it snowed again (and more snow than the days we were off). What makes it much more annoying is that they were naïve enough to not realize the buildup had gotten worse throughout the day, prompting us with a 10 minute early dismissal, which was pointless.

  • The 6 day is too long

    I am a student and last year we reach the 6 day limit and we didn't have to extend school so I really think that it should be a 4 day limit because a school week is only 5 days and why would you count more then a week to do it.

    Posted by: ZayB

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