Should the so-called 'birther movement' go away now that President Obama can't be elected president for another term?

  • Obama was born a citizen

    Having an american mother means he was born a citizen. Apparently it wouldn't matter if he was born in Kenya in the first place. In my opinion that wouldnt be a natural born citizen, but apparently to the court it is. This is the same reason I think Ted cruz should be able to run but again the courts say its cool. I'll eat my freaken principles and still vote him if its between him, Hillary Clinton, and Jeb Bush because our countrt wouldnt last with those two.

  • Yes, the birther movement will go away

    Since President Obama cannot be elected another term the so-called "birther movement" will eventually go away. The people will always have the beliefs they hold or maybe they have just served to be antagonists. The birther movement will soon become silent has President Obama's validity as a President will have passed.

  • This Was Completely Stupid

    Yes, please stop worrying about Obama's origins and his birth certificate. Obviously these claims aren't valid and they should have been dropped a long time ago. He can't run for president again, this is true, he won't be running your country anymore in a few more years. This president has had to put up with more false allegations than he deserved.

  • Will never go away

    The Birther movement will never go away. Fifty years from now, there will be conspiracy theorist that will still be discussing Obama’s birth and origin just as we still hear about Roswell or JFK. Of course it isn’t relevant anymore, but that doesn’t stop people from loving mysterious ideas. If we did find out that Obama wasn’t born in USA what can we do now? Negate his presidency?

  • The "birther movement" should not go away now that Obama is in his second term.

    I very much believe that President Obama was born in Kenya. His grandmother gave an interview in which she said that she was present when he was born in Kenya. This was all covered up and the original long form supposed Hawaiian birth certificate has never been produced. These are my private beliefs and I do not make a fuss about it. I don't think the "birthers" should stop saying what they feel is right just because he's in a second term.

  • No, the birther movement should keep fighting.

    I believe that the birther-movement should keep fighting for the truth regardless of the fact that President Obama can no longer be elected for another term. I think that it is besides the point. If it is proven that Barrack Obama was never legally allowed to be the president, then there should be legal matters issued.

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