• People need to work longer

    The health care system and general knowledge about healthy habits can help to prolong lives such that social security is being overburdened. There are getting to be a greater number of social security number of collector's proportionately to payers. One way to cut down on the overburdened system would be to raise the minimum age.

  • No, I believe the age limits should remain as they are.

    I believe the Social Security age limits should remain as they are since the majority of people have paid into they system expecting to receiving benefits at the current age limit. Life expectancy has increased over the years but I would argue quality of life in those longer years may not have. It makes more sense to retiree when healthy and give jobs to the younger generations. Changing the retirement age may very well hurt the economy in the long run.

  • No, there should be options.

    I think the retirement age should be anywhere between 63 to 70, and the longer you wait the more incentives you get. Some people simply cannot work until the age of 70, for obvious reasons. Others are in great health and wish to continue their productivity and career. There should be choice.

  • No: Social Security Retirement Should Not be Raised to 70

    The level of exploitation in the US is already reaching a staggering level, though most people don't see it. Social Security is a solvent institution, and people should be able to benefit from the work they do and retire before they get too old to actually have any real quality of life left. Seventy is too old to be starting these earned benefits.

  • Social security age of retirement should not be raised to 70.

    Social security age of retirement should not be raised to 70. We work hard at work all of our lives to be able to enjoy the money that we put into that account. It is wrong that they want to be able to keep that money away from us and not let us enjoy it.

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