• The Social Security retirement age should be higher.

    Legislators must implement means to keep the Social Security program going. At this rate, future retirees will have nothing to fall back on. When the retirement age was set, the life expectancy was lower. Nowadays people work until they are older because they expect to live longer. The Social Security program should catch up with today's society so it can continue.

  • I agree that the social security retirement age should be higher.

    The American population continues to live longer and remain healthy and able to work until a later age. The social security retirement age should be raised to represent these changes. Since people are living longer the funding for social security payments is depleting more rapidly. If the age of retirement isn't increased there will be no social security payments for future generations.

  • No, the social security retirement age should not be higher.

    The retirement age for social security is already high enough. Many people will delay taking their benefits in order to get a higher percentage paid to them later on, but the longer it's pushed forward the less likely people are to wait for the higher percentage. It's not for the benefit of the people to higher the age, it's for the benefit of the government.

  • No, the retirement age should not change.

    As Aaron Sorkin once wrote for "The West Wing," Social Security is the third rail of American politics. Touch it and you're dead. This is understandably an incredibly controversial topic that politicians prefer not to discuss, and though the suggestion of raising the Social Security retirement age is understandable, I fully believe we should not go back on our promise to America's seniors. They have worked all their lives on the knowledge they could spend their golden years taken care of. There must be another way to overhaul the system.

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