Should the South Sudan soldiers that rape women as payment for service be tried under international law?

  • Rapists Should be Tried Under International Law

    Rape is one of the most heinous crimes there is and as such should be punished harshly. Raping women as payment for services does not justify the act itself. The victims should be able to name their assailants under international law for the world to know who their assailant was. This should be without retaliation for coming forward.

  • The national courts cannot be trusted to prosecute these crimes.

    Sexual violence in the context of war is recognised as a war crime and a weapon of genocide. While it is preferable that these cases are tried in national courts, as has been in the case in Guatemala, the individual circumstances of the countries should be taken into account. Given the fraught circumstances in South Sudan, soldiers and, more importantly, their commanders should be referred to the ICC for trial.

  • Unreliable South Sudan Soldiers on Trial

    For anyone that has experienced the horror of being raped, it is a feeling unlike any other. I come from an American background that definitely does not have these barbarian practices that Sudan has. No women should ever be raped, no matter the circumstance. Any man who inflicts this on a woman should be tried under international law and contained so that they never do it again.

  • Yes, rape is never acceptable and should always be punished

    In my opinion, there are few absolutes in this world. One absolute I do believe in though is that rape is always a heinous crime deserving of punishment. If there is any legal basis to try these soldiers under international law, it should be done immediately. Sudan has a myriad of problems, and helping to solve just one may go a long way.

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