Should the space program be granted billions of dollars for missions to the moon and Mars?

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  • Yes I think we should go to mars.

    We should go to mars because we will find many more minerals and ores. We might even find alien civilization! We are also probably going to build a space station on mars. So that is why we should spend money to go to mars so please support going to mars.

  • NASA is improving our lives

    Nasa has hundreds of of side products that civilians use on a daily basis. NASA invented a way do find breast cancer in 1976. If NASA hadn't of been funded in the 70's many people would not be here today NASA has also made made many leaps in the nuclear field giving humans power.

  • There's more out there

    Look at all the things we've already discovered. We know way more about space then we ever through was possible years ago. Down here on earth we continue to run out of room and resources, but up there in space there's countless possibilities. There's a infinite amount of room and a incredible amount of resources. We just gotta get a bit farther. To get a bit farther we have to use a a lot of money, but that money will go a long way.

  • We need more resources

    From 1900 to 2000 our population increased from 2 billion people to 7 billion. Eventually, food and space will become very limited. Expansion into space provides us to material such as metal or water in asteroids. Eventually, it may be technologically feasible to colonize other planets or other rocks. It was once believed you couldn't fly in a giant hunk of metal, yet planes exist today. Why can't we eventually colonize space?

  • I believe the space program should be granted billions of dollars for this.

    They need it! How would you feel if we were the first country in the WORLD to go to mars?! You would say, "yes! I am part of america! I feel so proud about me living in america!!!" everybody would. Scientists and others are working their very best to get us in that position. They will get there sooner or later. They use our tax money! Why do you care where it goes? Its not your anymore? Is it? Its gone from your reach, so in conclusion, i believe the space program should be granted this much money for something so important!

  • This should not be a question.

    Going to space is not for us, or for our country. In 10,000 years if mankind still exists, we will not care that the USA was some country that was in debt and then was a little bit less in debt. However, the will care about the fact that we were the first to send men to the moon, and if we continue, maybe mars, maybe more. But if we decide that money is more important that the long term progression of our species, maybe the US isn't the right one anyway. The fact that we use Russian rockets to access the ISS is not just costly, its SAD. Bring back NASA funding, its the only thing that will truly be important in the future, so make it matter now

  • We know so little...And have so much to learn

    The USA for the last decade has spent trillions on pointless and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Imagine if all that spending could have been harnessed on exploration and space missions! We could be advancing the future of mankind through scientific discoveries in space and our solar system. Money spent on these space programs would also be beneficial for job creation for all involved. Such missions would interest the international community many countries may possibly want to be apart of this as has been the case with the ISS. It would be nice to see people of the world coming together for a common purpose.

  • Yes we should

    We should keep the program and fund it because there are many profitable things on the moon. They recently discovered helium on the moon and that can help the earth out a lot because we are now scarcely low on that gas. We could mine gas from the moon and use it on earth. There is also hydrogen on the moon which we can use for gas. It will be cheaper because we will have enough money to build a space station and we could potentially stay there for longer than 2 days; up to weeks or months. So overall we should definitely keep the moon program because it could be another place to get resources and potentially another place to live

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    Gone are the days where we had to battle with storms and unexpected weather patterns, as we now have weather satellites. Weather satellites provide information about Earth's clouds, oceans, land and air. They also can observe wildfires, volcanoes and smoke. All this information helps scientists predict weather and climate. It helps farmers know what crops to plant. It helps control the spread of disease. And it helps with response to emergencies. It is almost impossible for us to imagine life without being able to contact a relative or check the weather.
    Thanks to NASA and other space programs, we are now healthier than humans in the century before us. In preparing humans for space, NASA have created medical imaging machines such as CAT scans and MRI’s which are very important in helping diagnose conditions, plan treatments and assess how effective previous treatment has been. As NASA continues with such experiments, they are leading the way to better medical care and easier diagnosis. Other life-saving NASA ‘spinoffs’ include smoke detectors, which help prevent the risk of dying in a fire by 29% and kidney dialysis, which is vital to people suffering from kidney failure. NASA was responsible for inventing Velcro! Imagine life if NASA had not created these ‘spinoffs’! I’m pretty sure you are glad for them.
    Another benefit to come of space programs are jobs. Space programs provide jobs for employees of the aerospace industry. This industry is vital to the economy, and already employs well over half a million people in the U.S.
    To conclude, I strongly believe that we should invest in space programs because the positives of space programs far outweigh the costs. These positives include NASA spinoffs, the need for satellites and the large amount of jobs space programs provide. If you do not agree with me still, try to comprehend your life without a cellphone.

  • $210 million tax dollars. A gross misuse of funds.

    It takes $70 million dollars to send an astronaut to space. We send 3 every three months. $210 million dollars every 3 months + supporting equipment. For all of this money, what do we get?! What other industry takes so much money with no accountability! For all of my work, I lose 30% EACH check. I am not the only one struggling to pay my bills, feed my children, clothe and keep a roof over my head. At least, there should be a return on tax dollars because it seems that all we are doing is supporting someone's dream to go into space, why is that my responsibility? NASA should fund their own "missions" with endorsements, corporate funds, personal funds or any money OTHER than my hard earned money. This is a gross misuse of funds.

  • No money for an impossible vision.

    It has been proven that the other planets are so hostile and barren, that its not possible to live there. We humans are so fragile ,we would die instantly upon exposing our unprotected bodies to any other planet's atmosphere. Can't be done. Politicians do it for scientific "poor?" Reasons. Only a child would think we could live on some other "world."80% of us are sheep. Please read some books on these subjects. We need to use our money for us humans with a real life.

  • If we can't make it as a species on earth, how will we make it on mars?

    Why not try to preserve this planet, which no matter what we do, will not last forever. Antarctica is like Hawaii compared to Mars, and look how tough it is for people who do research in Antarctica. Our species, if it lasts that long, is finished once the sun dies out, and it won't matter if we are on Mars.

  • No more funding nasa

    The money wasted on NASA is beyond imagination. There is no scientific reason to find life on another planet. We can't take care of our own planet. The NASA program is more like a 'sport' for those who have a sci-fi fascination. AND OUR SCHOOLS ARE FAILING EVERYONE. If we don't care about our own planet and we don't care about the education of our children, why should we discover another planet?

  • I believe that the space program should not be granted billions of dollars for missions to the moon and Mars.

    Because, the space program would have to invent a lot of new technology which would cost more than billions of dollars. And, I know this from experience, that the country of the U.S.A needs this money. So, why waste this money on something we barely know about when we can spend it on something we need and know about.

  • Because it doesn't make sense .

    It is pointless to spend billions on space programs when there are millions going hungry on Earth. While I do agree that space programs are quite fascinating, and star gazing has been a hobby for centuries, it just seems pointless to spend billions of dollars on it. There are millions of people going hungry everyday on Earth, and trying to find a cure for far-fetched diseases and other rare problems by investing huge amounts of money on outer space is plainly absurd.

  • Not yet, not now

    I think that space exploration is a great idea, and maybe, in a century or two, we'll start colonizing mars or something. But right now, we have to get our priorities right. The world is dealing terrorism, economic collapses, climate change, extinction of animals, and so much more (sorry if that sounds a little doomsday-ish) right now, we need to concentrate on fixing the biggest problems here on earth before risking making even more hassle by sending spacecrafts into space and the explorations turning into disasters. Space exploration, definitely, but not yet.

    Posted by: Mino
  • Taxpayer's money isn't worth it.

    We don't gain very much out of spending taxpayers money to go to the Moon or send robots to Mars, so why is the government forcing us to pay them money so they can waste it? It'd be better off helping things on our own planet such as world hunger or global warming.

  • Doing this is a waste of time and money.

    I believe this is a waste of money that should be spent else where like unemployment, or used to create more jobs. It should spent wisely and cautiously. Some of that money should go to unfortunate places like orphanages or the military. It could also be used for hospitals, teacher's budgets, schools or many other things.

  • The government shouldn't take extra taxes from the people for this; Citizens should be able to give of their own free will to fundraisers.

    The government is already in debt. They shouldn't be going any deeper into debt than they already are and yet they aren't being very responsible. Basically, they're swallowing more than they can chew They're trying to do too many things at once. The billions of dollars would be coming from more taxes from the people and the people are already wilting like flowers because of the taxes and inflation. There are some good things about space missions as it can and does help people get jobs and advance science, but it should come from the will of the people and not the government.

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Anonymous says2013-06-01T05:23:37.120
Colonialism is no longer acceptable on our planet, as modern humans find in distasteful, repugnant and revolting. It could be worth taking this into consideration before, imposing the human race on to an unfortunate alien's planet!
Why IS Mars so desolate and sterile? Because the Martians probably went the same way as humans a currently going, polluting their planet to extinction!!!
firejack007 says2013-10-14T05:59:53.723
Or maybe the Martians invested in space exploration and are now somewhere better.