• Spice Girls should Return

    The Spice girls are gone but not forgotten, and one thing people love more then anything is a good comeback. With not to many girl bands out there currently I think right not a reunion tour would be a great idea. All of the women are still young and beautiful and would have a good draw. I think they should reunite for a tour and make fans happy.

  • Spice Girls should tour

    The Spice Girls could go on tour and it would be a huge money making endeavor for them. They were hugely popular many years ago and there are enough fans that would still pay good money to see them. They were popular in many countries so the tour could take place all over the world

  • The Spice Girls

    I personally think that The Return of the Spice Girls was the third concert tour by British girl group the Spice Girls. This tour marked the group's first tour since Christmas in Spice world in 1999 and the first as the original five-piece since May 1998, during the Spiceworld Tour.

  • No, Spice Girls shouldn't have a reunion tour.

    As much as I liked the Spice Girls when I was younger, I do not think they should reunite for a tour. I think their time has gone and pass. I do not think it is even a financially good idea for them to even consider since most people would not be interested in watching them in concert.

  • They are done

    No, I do not think that they need to have another tour, I think that they are done and that most likely a whole lot of people would not even show up to their shows in some areas. I think that they need to just give up on ever coming back.

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