• Spinners deserve a place.

    Rock and Roll is an offshoot of Blues. It seems that pop crap icons are voted in that in no way, shape. or form, reflect the history of Rock and Roll, nor its foundations. The Spinners certainly fit into the roots of Rock and Roll just like the Blues artists deserve.

  • The Spinner are a great sing group

    There should be no question that the Spinners should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have had great songs for decades that people still want to play. There songs are iconic and have been the sound track to many peoples lives. I would be travesty of musical justice if the Spinners are not inducted into the hall of fame.

  • The Spinners are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy

    From their first chart appearance in 1961 throughout the hit years of the 70s, The Spinners have remained an example of musical excellence. Various singers from the group have went on to revolutionize and leave their mark on the music industry. Their careers were springboarded by their involvement with one of the greatest music groups of all time.

  • The Spinners should be honored as one of the greatest vocal groups of all time

    Yes, the Spinners should be voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They created and developed an innovative R&B pop sound producing many hit singles through the decades. The Spinners distinctive sound of funky rhythms define soul music. Because of the band's longevity, the Spinners should receive the honor.

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