Should the sports media cover college sports more than they currently do?

  • Yes college sports should be covered more in sports media

    The number of athletic clubs in colleges grows every year from tennis, rugby, soccer, football, and list goes on. Children are starting to play sports at younger ages. Showing more college sports would provide young children a medium to learn and watch about the sports they enjoy.Perhaps showing more college sports would inspire children and adults to become more active.

  • College sports is already too exposed through the media

    Sports media has switched focus from the professional teams to the college teams. College teams have more local appeal for a number of reasons. The first being relationships. People in a community may actually have relationships with the players they see on sportscenter. While discussing the community, they are another large factor. Aside from the relationships with the players, the fans have a location that is typically convenient, and cheaper than professional teams. As a final point which is most often brought up in conversation, the players on college teams are still raw and reportedly uncorrupted by contracts and money.

  • No, I don't think sports media should cover college sports more then they currently do.

    The vast majority of the American public does not care about college sports except for the major teams and I think the media does a good job in covering the major college sports teams in all sports that they play, I don't think there is enough viewer interest for the media to report on the smaller teams.

  • No sports media coverage should not.

    Sports media coverage already covers college sports enough as it is. College sports is much more difficult to follow because players are at most staying on a team for four years. Many atheletes leave early for the professional leagues while others are transferring to different schools and conferences. It is hard to enough to keep track of the sport as it is.

  • Media coverage of college sports should be limited

    American universities are gradually being undermined by the enormous amounts of time, money, and energy spent on promoting their sports programs. It takes all of these resources away from the true purpose of college, which is education. Sports have a place, but not the central place they currently enjoy. Devoting even more media coverage to college sports - as if such a thing were even possible - would further weaken these institutions and their missions.

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