• It would be great for them.

    I think that the St. Louis Blues really have nothing to lose by trying to acquire this gentleman to their organization. They are already doing quite well this season, so why not try to add a bit more talent to their already quite impressive roster of players. Go for it!

  • Danny Briere would be a great addition.

    As a lifelong St. Louis Blues' fan, I absolutely think they should try to acquire Danny Briere. They need some additional help if they really want to be a true contender for the cup for this year and in the future. I had high hopes coming into the year, but now I'm worried that if they don't make some moves they won't be elite.

  • Yes, he would be a great addition.

    Danny Briere would be a great addition to the St. Louis Blues. He is an excellent player who can help the St. Louis Blues into a better team than ever imagined. The St. Louis Blues are a good team, but having Danny Briere could make them an unexpectedly excellent team.

  • Yes They Should

    The St. Louis Blues are a great team, but they are not perfect There are areas that they can improve. Getting Danny Briere would help the team out a lot. As of right now they are a contender and Briere could be that player to put them over the top.

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