Should the Standing Rock pipeline protests have been included in Facebook Trends?

  • Yes, This Media Blackout is Insane.

    My whole newsfeed on facebook yesterday were friends checking into Standing Rock. Almost every single news outlet fails to recognize these protests. Why is it that when several armed white males were protesting in Oregon, it was on every front page? I seem to recall some news outlets even posting that those armed protestors were requesting food to be sent in. The media blackout on Standing Rock is completely absurd.

  • Standing Rock Pipeline protests absolutely should have been reflected in Facebook trends

    It is my belief that the Trends that are shown on Facebook or other social media (e.g. Twitter) should accurately reflect what is currently trending on that particular medium. If it is not reflecting what people are currently discussing, then it is inaccurate. In order to be considered a valid social media tool, it should at the very least be trustworthy enough to simply report on what users are expressing at the time they are expressing it.

  • Yes, the Standing Rock pipeline protests should have been included in Facebook Trends.

    Yes, the Standing Rock pipeline protests should have been included in Facebook Trends. Social media has been an integral part of spreading political messages, so why not include a topic like the pipeline protests? Native Americans are just as important as all of the other groups around the world that are exercising their right to protest the destruction of their native land.

  • Yes it should have.

    The standing rock pipeline protest should have been included in the Facebook trends simply because it was worth. This protest would have sparkled up a lot of followers and likes. Most people were looking forward for updates about the protests and to also comment. Their comments definitely would have made a big difference to know what the majority supports.

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