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  • A multinational corporation like Starbucks should not unjustly discriminate against a particular group.

    I recall hearing somewhere that McDonald's had separate lines for males and females in its Saudi Arabia locations in order to comply with Saudi law. I fail to see why Starbucks cannot do the same with its locations, or simply leave Saudi Arabia altogether in protest of the nation's heavily restrictive legislation.

  • Starbucks should remove their restaurant.

    In protest of Saudi Arabia's sexist policy, Starbucks should remove their restaurant from the country. Hopefully this action will make the Saudi government think twice before they institute another policy like this one. It will also show an example to other corporations in the region and may scare the Saudi government into thinking more businesses will institute a similar policy.

  • That Would Be Discrimination

    Women are already treated terribly in Saudi Arabia. They can't legally drive, and they are just in general treated terribly by the establishment and patriarchal men. Women should be able to go wherever they want, whenever they want--the places they go shouldn't be controlled by men. We should really start helping Saudi women obtain their rights, because they don't have enough. Please, let these women enjoy a starbucks.

  • Being a franchise, Starbucks anywhere in the world should comply with corporate policy.

    Unless there is some kind or national or local law in Saudi Arabia barring women from public places or coffee shops, then woman should allowed to enter. Starbucks allows women to enter all over the world, so there should be no exception in a country where it is culturally acceptable to bar women from a place like Starbucks.

  • Women are Equal

    There has been a movement going on in Saudi Arabia that is allowing women to be more equal to men and not so submissive. Starbucks is an American company, therefore they should hold the same ideals as Americans. While I understand the tendency to accommodate and form to the culture it is located in, a fundamental right that women are equal to men should be held even in that location.

  • No, women should be allowed to enter.

    Starbucks, as a multinational corporation, has an image to uphold. While Saudi Arabian customs are far different from much of the rest of the world, Starbucks should set a precedent on this issue. If they do not allow women to enter, they are essentially saying that they're more concerned with profit than fairness.

  • No, women everywhere should have a right to enter any public establishment they chose to.

    No, the Starbucks in Saudi Arabia should not bar women from entering. While Saudi laws may limit how women conduct business and personal matters outside their homes, individual businesses, especially international ones, should not enforce those laws, in no small part because such laws are unjust. The Saudi government may bar women from entering certain business establishments, but the businesses themselves should not enforce unjust laws.

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