Should the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame be merit based instead of on whether the celebrity wants to spend $30,000?

  • The Walk of Fame doesn't reward talent.

    The fact that celebrities can effectively buy themselves onto the Walk of Fame means that the credibility of the organisation is damaged. People ought to be selected for the Walk of Fame if it is believed that their name will survive the test of time. Otherwise, in the space of a few decades the Walk of Fame will find itself obscure and irrelevant to tourists.

  • Yes, it should be in honor of them

    The Walk of Fame is a well recognized sidewalk filled with names of some of the greatest actors and musicians the world has seen. It is an honor to be invited to have a square, but to pay $30,000 seems ridiculous. I understand that almost everything is a business and everyone wants to make money. Not to mention that $30,000 is not much to most of these celebrities, but the fact that they have to pay anything seems a bit silly to me.

  • Yes, that makes it much more meaningful.

    Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame should definitely be merit-based. Some people who are clearly deserving of a star may just not want the attention, and certainly don't want to pay $30,000 for it. If Clint Eastwood and Julia Roberts don't have a star, but Donald Trump does, that should be a clear indication that it's not merit-based.

  • I agree that the Holywood Stars on Walk of Fame should be merit based.

    The stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame should be merit based. Any actor whether noteworthy or not can spend the $30,000 for their name to be added. This lessens the value of having their name on the Walk. Will it come to a point where an actor can have more than one star or a larger star if they are willing to pay more?

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