Should The State Bird Of Oregon Be The Beaver?

Asked by: jbaguire
  • Of course it should.

    The Beaver might not be a real bird, but that is just a small detail. Besides, if for some reason someone starts complaining about that, there is no reason you couldn't crate a beaver-bird DNA hybrid, or if you don't have time for that, just borrow a platypus from Australia.

  • The beautiful beaver

    Soaring majestically across waters, chomping on trees and building dams, the beaver is the strongest bird. Capable of bisecting any other bird, it shows it's elegance when it has tea parties inside of the dam. Beavers typically outlaw monopoly from their houses within the dam, so that the violent outbursts caused by monopoly won't demolish the house.

  • Yes it should.

    The beaver is a wonderful bird and would be a great addition to the culture of oregon. Not necessarily saying its boring, but it would be very nice to prove how great oregon is. I love the beaver and a lot of other people do too, so it is perfect.

  • We Should Leave It To Beaver

    No animal captivates the lush forests and unique people in Oregon, than that of the beaver. It could represent the hard working Oregon people, because the beaver is a master wood craftsman. There is also no scientific evidence against a beaver mutating into a kind of Parakeet-Beaver Hybrid or Bat-Beaver Hybrid, since tests have not been done on their DNA compatibilities. A sonar-sensing beaver would be handy in forest search and rescue, and would further support the need for the beaver's role as state bird.

    Beavers give the overbite-ridden people hope. Hope that one day they too can be master wood craftsmen. That's a goal I think they all should attain. Imagine the beautifully crafted Armoires and Panel Siding their teeth could conjure.

    I implore you, Nay, I beg you to consider the Beaver.

  • Is the beaver a bird right now?

    Is crossing a beaver with a bat going to make a bird? No. Is a flying beaver going to be majestic? Probably not. Did you waste your time with this dumb question? Yes. This was a stab at popularity, and if this is allowed to grow, it is the next YOLO.

  • Beaver is canada sorry

    Not that a beavear isnt a bird but it is already canada's national animal a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a

  • No, because starving people will riot in the streets.

    Now I agree that the beaver is a beautiful bird, but the government has more important things to do then make the beaver the Oregon state bird. They should spend more time on redistributing wealth instead of making unimportant things like this pass. I endorse making the beaver the national bird though.

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