• Of course it should.

    Abortion is a right and sometimes a necessity. The state should definetely fund it. If a woman has no money to pay for her abortion, should she be forced to give birth or have a dangerous, illegal abortion? This is basically taking away the womans' right to control her body.

  • Only in rare cases though

    For the most part no the cost should be out of pocket from the woman receiving the abortion or willing money donors. There are a few cases where I see it as acceptable to have government funding. This would be if the woman has a very low income or no income

  • Yes, the state should fund in some cases.

    Yes, in cases where a woman cannot afford an abortion, or in cases of rape or incest, the state absolutely should fund abortion providers. A woman should not be forced to carry through with a pregnancy simply because she cannot afford an abortion; she is as entitled to equal rights as women who can afford whatever medical procedures they want.

  • Yes, they should.

    Abortion is a type of medical health, even if it is a choice to or not to get an abortion. I think the state should provide funds to the people who actually work on doing the abortion, and the doctors involved. They are not the ones who chose to get the abortion, don't punish them.

  • Keep the government out of it.

    The problem with allowing the state to pay for abortions is that it is using the money of people who strongly and religiously oppose the idea of abortions. They should not be forced to pay for something that they believe is wrong according to their religion.

    Of course, the woman's right to have an abortion does not entitle her to have other people to pay for it. If she can not afford it, then she should search for help from other people. There are plenty of people who would want to help her. Those who support state funded abortion should also be prepared to pay for the abortion for her without government. Private organizations could be made to help poor individuals get the abortions they want or need.

    I ask for people to not give up on the kindness of others. If a person needs an abortion for their life, very few would not give it to her because of the money. If she was raped and doesn't want the child, I am positive people would sympathize with her and help monetarily. The government isn't needed to get this done.

  • No they should not

    If someone wants an abortion, they can pay for it themselves. They are rarely a necessary medical procedure, almost always being one of personal preference. How about using our tax money on something more useful, like cancer or AIDs research. Or, *gasp!* Maybe, even give it back to the people! Abortions are not necessary, and shouldn't be funded with tax dollars.

  • The state should not fund abortion providers.

    Yes, I believe abortion should be a womans right to have, but if she makes this decision, she should have to pay, or have the father pay. The state should not pick up the tab for her mistake. However, if it is for medical reasons, or rape, then private insurance to take up the flack and pay the bill.

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