Should the state funded Catholic Schools in Canada be disbanded.

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  • We should not use public money to fund any religious schools

    In Canada we have a clear separation between church in state which some places in the USA lack as much as they say it exists. To use public money to fund a religious school, especially a specific religion would end the separation of church and state and be bias. With the range of religions and accepted beliefs and values that is seen in Canada why should the government use it's money to advocate a specific religion. While a counter argument is that no one if forced to attend these school and that we could fund many different religions. For the multiple schools for each religion argument it is expensive to drive at the heart of it. And for the no one if forced argument it does not matter that no one is forced. Education must teach from a neutral point of ground and teach the most commonly accepted facts across all school as not to disadvantage students. TO be clear I have no problem if a religion school is privately funded just not publicly. For our country to move forward student must be exposed to a neutral argument and point of view so that they can discuss among their family or chose themselves what they chose to believe. It is not the place of a school to decide that for a student.

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