Should the state guarantee a basic income for every adult?

  • Who will pay for it?

    WE will, of course. We have a vast reserve of untapped community wealth, currently being used and taken, rent free, by industry and financiers. If private industry wants to take full responsibility, they should be charged market cost for the conservation and improvement of the nation's environment, infrastructure, culture, and social safety net, which adds to the value of their offerings without any compensation on their part. The rest of us can divide the profits equally, one human being national, one share, as a guaranteed basic income. It's time that the property owned by Us all is pre-distributed and managed as publicly-owned Trusts, before our government, hijacked by corruption, privatizes our common wealth. Private companies are free to relocate to avoid paying entrance fees to our markets or automate their labor costs to zero, but we should reinforce our trade policies to encourage growth in this country, without competition from companies who don't want to pay their fair share to protect commonly owned resources.

    Posted by: SeeM
  • Yes. There is more than enough money to go around.

    Each and every government is faced with a dilemma, "why does my country still have poverty?" At first, it seemed like a tax-free threshold would be enough as everyone would have the option of working enough to support themselves. After a while, we realised that certain welfare payments were necessary to keep people from poverty while they were studying, after retirement, during pregnancy, and during times which through no fault of their own, they became unemployed.

    This worked to an extent; however, poverty still remains. Why? Because there are sanctions, rules, and regulations that prevent some who need additional income support from receiving it. This is where basic income via a negative income tax or universal basic income guarantee comes in. Suddenly, we have a safety without any holes or gaps for people to fall through, but most importantly: no child grows up in poverty. You can argue that for whatever reason a grown adult has made their choices, whether right or wrong, to end up in a state of poverty; however, this is never the case for children. For this reason, it should be implemented as soon as possible.

  • Basic income could solve problems.

    Switzerland already passed a basic income plan. Providing a basic income for all adults would do away with the costs of running welfare programs and redistribute money. Crime could go down because total poverty would be eliminated. This could reduce jail and housing costs. People would still need to work because of possible inflation, and to have extra needs met, so the desire to work would likely not diminish, at least, no more than it has with welfare.

  • Universal employment would cut down on crime.

    I don’t necessarily believe in socialism or communism, but I
    do think that if the government guaranteed a basic income for every adult, the
    world would be a better place. This would
    help cut down on crime. Many other
    countries do this. America has enough
    money to do this. I just think that it
    should be made mandatory that all of the recipients work.

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