Should the state have access to the private bank accounts of people receiving unemployment benefits?

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  • Not Unless They Can Do It To Everyone

    People who get unemployment benefits shouldn't be singled out so their privacy can be invaded like this.

    If you want to argue the state should have access to EVERYONE'S bank account, that might be a defensible argument. Singling out those on unemployment for this type of thing is ridiculous and wrong.

  • I don't think the state should have access to unemployed people's bank accounts.

    I disagree very much with this because citizens should be able to enjoy a right to privacy. I also fail to see what the state would do with the bank access. I feel like it would be unfair and an invasion to tell an unemployed person what to do with their money.

  • Bank Accounts Should Be Private

    Bank accounts should always be private. If someone is receiving unemployment benefits and pass the current requirements necessary to secure those benefits, there is no reason they should have to provide access to their bank accounts. The government has no business in any citizens bank account and should not expect to access accounts.

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