• Yes they should

    People who are part of different religions are like people who belong in different races. We need to be open and accepting of people no matter what God or philosophy they believe in. Every person of every religion should be treated equally. It's always unfair to benefit one group more than the other.

  • The state should look closer at religious exemptions

    It is my opinion that the state should look closer at religious exemptions. People that claim religious exemptions should be given a background check to determine how truthful they are about their religious practices. This would discourage many people from falsely claiming a religious exemption, and allow those that truly need them to be given more priority.

  • Yes, I think states should look closely at religious exemptions.

    I believe a State should constantly be examining organizations who are claiming tax exempt status for being a religious organization, I believe that the state should be auditing and ensuring that they are what they claim to be and they are using the funds for church related matters and not for personal gain.

  • They look too much.

    No, the state should not take a closer look at religious exemptions, because the state already looks too hard. This year, the IRS has been quite choosy about granting religious exemptions to certain groups, while other groups have been told that the paperwork takes years. The government is harassing Christians, like a banana republic.

  • No they shouldn't

    No they shouldn't look closer at religious exemptions. The church is the one entity that truly does not always make a profit when they are doing so much in their communities to help others. A lot of churches help the homeless with food donations, clothing, romm at the inn during the winter.

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