• Yes, of course.

    As others have said, some children cannot be vaccinated, and therefore, they are prone to diseases that vaccines prevent. When kids aren't vaccinated, they make it more likely for the unvaccinatable kids to get diseases, too. Also, why would you ever want to expose your kids to polio? Mumps? Measles? It's insane. Autism is not connected with vaccination in any way.

  • Yes, It Is Selfish to Not Vaccinate

    Vaccines are responsible for the eradication of terrible diseases like polio. People may not think their children are at risk for "old world" diseases, but that is only because of the herd immunity offered by everyone else getting vaccinated. Unvaccinated children put everyone at risk by being potential carriers of dangerous and deadly diseases.

  • In the Interest of Public Health, Yes

    Childhood vaccines are responsible for wiping out many diseases in our communities. When people stop vaccinating their babies, they risk opening up the population to the diseases all over again. It is everyone's best interests to make childhood vaccinations mandatory so that everyone can rest easy knowing diseases won't resurface in this country any time soon.

  • Yes, its a public health issue

    Yes, I think that states should mandate childhood vaccines. They are scientifically proven, and all those who make unfounded claims about autism should not be allowed to endanger their children and the children of others by not getting them vaccinated. Once the children are old enough to decide for themselves then they should be given more choice in their own vaccination.

  • Never! ! !

    You may think it is selfish to not vaccinate, but I think you are selfish for forcing your beliefs onto others. If your child is already vaccinated, why would you have to worry about them getting sick? Either your almighty vaccine works or it doesn't...Which is it?! You can't have it both ways. I am fully vaccinated and so is my 21 year old autistic son. When the vaccine controversy first came about, I did not buy into it at all! After researching both sides of the controversy for 15+ years, there is absolutely no doubt now that there is in fact a link. You can scream "It's been proven there is no link!". Actually, that is not true. Several recent independent studies have shown a link. Even the chief of the CDC now admits a link. With my son and I both being fully vaccinated, we are much more likely to spread disease to others than unvaccinated children. Just because a doctor tells you it is best for your child, doesn't make it so. They make money off every single inoculation they push off onto you. If I knew then what I know now, I would NEVER EVER EVER have allowed them to use my baby as the equivalent of a lab money by injecting him with that liquid hell.
    Your child has the CHANCE of getting over Measles.
    Your child has the CHANCE of getting over Mumps.
    Your child has the CHANCE of getting over Rubella.
    My child will NEVER get the chance to get over Autism.
    Why is it that the people who are hell bent on the use of vaccine are ok with calling parents with disabled children...The ones who have lived through the hell, selfish? I find that rather odd that you are calling someone else selfish just because YOUR child was not harmed. How about this...If your child has a peanut allergy...I am going to demand that all children must eat peanuts. Why not?! MY child isn't bothered by them...If you don't force your child to eat them...You're selfish!
    See how foolish that sounds? What a bunch of hypocrites!!

  • Keep your needles away from the kids!

    This is a parent issue, not a state regulation issue. There are parents (like me) who would rather not have their small innocent children pumped up with chemicals and vaccines at a young age. There is no telling what is inside to viles of "vaccination." I understand some parents want their children to have the vaccine to "protect" them, and that should be their choice and right. I should also be my choice and my right to have my child not vaccinated. The state shouldn't overstep what someone wants to protect their children from, this is a parent issue!

  • No, the state shouldn't

    I'm pro-vax. I don't buy into the pseudoscience that they contain mercury, or that they're killing people, or that they cause autism, or that they're a conspiracy. And if I ever have children in the future, I will have them get vaccinated, because I approve of vaccines. But if a parent doesn't want to get their child vaccinated, then that's their choice. I oppose big government. Should the child be allowed to come to public school? No, that would spread illness. But children in private homes shouldn't be required to get vaccines.

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