• Kansas should file

    Kansas should file bankruptcy. They should do so if it will help the state financially survive. The bankruptcy protection laws are in place for a reason. Kansas is not a rich state like NY or TX, so it makes sense it would occasionally run into trouble with all of the social programs draining it resources.

  • Yes, they'll be the first and not the last

    The hypocrisy of America's politicians when preaching fiscal responsibility is in full display in Kansas. The American voter gets lectures on not relying on the 'nanny state' to bail them out of their personal financial situations, yet Brownback runs the state of Kansas into the ground with his irrespossible tax cutting policies and supply-side neocons are not saying mea culpa.

  • They need to manage.

    No, the State of Kansas should not file bankruptcy, because that is unfair to all of the people and businesses who have done business with them. If Kansas does not follow through on their obligations, they will have a hard time finding people to do business with them in the future. They need credibility.

  • No the State of Kansas should not file for bankruptcy protection

    While the budget and revenue status in Kansas is facing some challenges there is no reason for the state government of Kansas to consider filing for bankruptcy protection. The state has funds and cash flow to meet its current obligations and is not in danger of defaulting on any bond payments.

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