• The state of Kentucky should recognize same-sex marriages

    In this day and age where tolerance is the word of the day,Kentucky should definitely recognize same-sex marriages.Many northern and western states have already begun on the road to this social revolution and there is no reason why all citizens in Kentucky shouldn't have the same right to freedom in relationships.

  • Yes, the state of Kentucky should reconize same-sex marriages.

    I am supportive of same sex marriages as far as allowing a civil union between the two partners in a homosexual relationship. I am supportive because I have many gay friends and I would want them to be joined with their partner and be happy. People who are gay were born that way and they have rights.

  • The state of Kentucky should recognize same-sex marriages.

    More and more people are starting to recognize homosexual rights as equal. Eventually, all the states in the union will recognize same sex marriage. Naturally, Kentucky should follow suit. Marriage is an important civil right, and it is important for homosexuals to be allowed to partake in this ceremony like everyone else.

  • They all should

    I believe that who a person wants to be sexually active with is completely up to them. Who am I to judge what you want to do, or what makes you happy. I am sure that I do things that a gay person might not agree with to, so yes they should recognize them.

  • Yes, They Should

    I believe all states should recognize same-sex marriage because essentially the federal government has declared that all states must recognize them at the minimum, so this shouldn't be up to states at this point. Personally, I do not like the fact that each state is taking up laws that interfere or clash with laws in other states. This only harms the citizens of the United States and can get them caught in potential legal traps and other problems between states.

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