Should the state restore the voting rights of nonviolent felons after their punishments are served?

  • Nonviolent rights restored to felons

    The state should restore the rights of nonviolent felons after their punishments are served. The nonviolent felons should have every right to vote and be part in the election process after they have served their punishment in prison. Nonviolent felons were not convicted of a serious offense in first place, so they should have the right to vote as well and make informed decisions.

  • Everyone should have the right to vote, even felons

    There is no excuse to withhold the right to vote from anyone, but our society will accept and permit this action because we are afraid. We like to believe that it is okay to deny a person their right to vote if they are convicted of a felony. That is a corrupt view, spurred by fear. All people should be allowed to vote, even felons.

  • They should do it.

    Say I were a felon, and I went to jail. I serve my time, and learn that I should not of done that. So I swear on my grave that I will never do it again, and I change my life. But the way stuff is now, I wouldn't be able to keep that right.

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