• Yes, at times a state of emergency is needed.

    The words "state of emergency" say it all. Sometimes, whether it be a snowstorm, hurricane, flood, it is imperative a state declares an emergency. This tends to put people into a different way of thinking, making the general population realize, that there is a large issue at hand and they need to act accordingly. When people hear the word "emergency", it causes them to be alert and concerned, vs. just a "warning", which translates into "be careful". "Emergency" carries weight and can save people's lives.

  • Yes, they should.

    I assume this is talking about all the snow that they received out east. And if they received a lot I definitely think they should declare a state of emergency. People without ability to leave their homes and get food and water and possibly without heat should be attended to immediately.

  • Sates opting cause

    No should not happen because it not a good thing if nothing happens but it should not be apart of the code cause its not used at all cause of the hating of others should be affecting others feelings cause it should be a matter to all of humanity you know

  • No, the states should not have declared a state of emergency until they knew more

    On one hand, the tremendously cautious approach taken by state and local governments in the northeast is understandable. Had the blizzard been as bad as expected, it could have had disastrous results, especially if certain preparations were not taken. But on the other, the states could have at least waited until more information was available before going all out.

  • States should not declare a state of emegency unless actually needed.

    The question that was aked is quite wide open. Personally, I believe a state of emergency should only be used in extreme cases. If a large percentage of people have been displaced or something on those lines, yes, a state of emergency should be used. Now a large snowstorm is not a state of emergency.

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