Should the Stone Temple Pilots have fired lead singer Scott Weiland?

  • Yes, their quality won't be affected.

    Let's be honest here, the Stone Temple Pilots are an awful band. The mere sound of their performances is enough to make a grown man beg for suicide. They really had nothing to lose by giving their lead singer the boot. They really can't become any worse than they already are.

  • They should not have fired him!

    Scott Weiland is a legend for those who grew up during the 1990's. I remember Vaseline and other great songs. Since the Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott Weiland the group would not be the same, it will be the Talkshow debacle all over again. Without Scott Weiland, it would not be the Stone Temple Pilots. He needs to stay!

  • No the band should not have fired Weiland because he is very talented.

    I believe that the Stone Temple Pilots made the correct decision in keeping their lead singer Scott Weiland and not firing him. Weiland is a talented singer who has had some issues over the years, but with the band continues to be a successful singer. Weiland was good for the band and will be remembered for years for his contribution to their music.

  • No, Scott Weiland is the core of the band.

    Scott Weiland was the center face of Stone Temple Pilots and in essence made up the core of the band. Although he has a history of substance abuse, the band members should have stood by his side getting him through his addictions and to help him through this tough time. It's almost like getting rid of the peanut butter from the peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

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