• yes I think people should know!

    I think that people should know about their ancestors because they were the ones that made a way for the people today.I think that people should know about all the people that made a difference not just the people that the school board choose. I believe that if people were taught the right way then there will be a lot of successful people.

  • A Small Piece of History

    When considering Cesar Chavez's input into workers rights in the farming community, he is certainly a figure head, therefore he should be taught in schools. Even though he made a lot of contributions there are many other prominent people in history as well, so while he should be included, schools probably wouldn't be able to cover him throughly without leaving out other figure heads.

  • Yes, we need latino heroes.

    Cesar Chavez was a leader of his people in terms of making sure that migrants to the United States would be treated fairly and paid enough for their labors in picking lettuce and other produce. Just for this he needs to get historical treatment in school, as students need to know what latinos have contributed.

  • Yes, because like him or not, he's a part of history!

    Cesar Chavez should be taught in school simply because he affected the civil rights movement in a lasting and historical way. Whether or not one thinks his activism was positive should not come into play. There's no reason to exclude him. However, I think he should be taught at higher levels, such as high school. That way mature, older students can decide for themselves what they think of his life and activism.

  • It is political indoctrination.

    No, the story of Cesar Chavez should not be taught in school, because he had a lot of political philosophies. Teaching the story of Cesar Chavez would only be to try to teach children that the kind of political ideologies that he had are good. Children do not need to be taught how to think about politics.

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