Should the Strategic Petroleum Reserve be used to reduce oil prices further in the United States?

  • It would put pressure on OPAC.

    Yes, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve should be used to reduce oil prices further in the United States, because it would be a good way to pressure OPAC to keep their prices low. The Reserve would be a good way to let OPAC know that we will just tap our own reserve rather than pay high prices.

  • No, It's a reserve.

    People seem not to grip the concept of a fuel reserve. It is there not to use right now, it is there to use in case, for whatever reason, the fuel runs out. This is like asking if you should just go ahead and use your savings just for the sake of using it.

  • The strategic petroleum reserve should not be used

    The Strategic Petroleum Reserve should not be used to reduce oil prices further in the united states. This is because of the fact that the human race really needs to get off of oil entirely. We have already sapped enough oil that causes environmental problems when used for long enough.

  • Never put a small bandaid on a big wound.

    The problem isn't that we don't have enough oil to use, it's that we use oil PERIOD. We need to devote all of our time and energy to find solutions to our oil dependency, not dig deeper into that hole. Because eventually we will run out of oil and we don't have a suitable substitute for all the ways we use oil now. The sooner we start to turn away from oil, the better.

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