Should the superdelegate system for Democratic party conventions be abolished?

  • Superdelegates support corruption

    Superdelegates are just another mode for back-door dealing to enable a candidate to be chosen without support of the people. Normally this would seem stupid as that candidate would go on to lose the election, but of course the general election for President has its corruption as well. People need to insist on reform for election processes. Start by removing all superdelegates, followed by all incumbents.

  • The superdelegate system for the Democratic party conventions should be abolished.

    The superdelegate system for the Democratic party shoud be abolished.This kind kind of system negates the thought that one vote should could for each person no matter what their status.Regular delegates are chosen from the masses and they should have as much influence as anyone in the more elite classes.

  • The superdelegate system for Democratic party conventions should be abolished.

    The super delegate system for Democratic party conventions should be abolished. It gives some delegates way too much power over what their state votes, and that is just not fair to the other delegates who have been instructed to make the best choice for their state. It also detracts from what the convention is actually for: to nominate the party ticket.

  • The superdelegate system for Democratic party conventions should be abolished.

    The super delegate system for Democratic party conventions should be abolished. The super delegate system has no positive impact on the voting. Unlike most convention delegates, the super delegates are not selected based on the party primaries and caucuses in each U.S. state, in which voters choose among candidates for the party's presidential nomination. Instead, most of the super delegates are seated automatically, based solely on their status as current (Republican and Democratic) or former (Democratic only) party leaders and elected officials. Others are chosen
    during the primary season. All the super delegates are free to support any candidate for the nomination. I think it gives an unfair advantage in the polls.

  • Get rid of it!

    Super delegates are just another way of rigging the vote to party bosses and establishment candidates. They dilute the value of the primary voters and their will regarding who the candidate should be. Super delegates give an unfair advantage toward the monied interests and lobbyists that haunt our electoral process.

  • Why is thid even a debate?

    One person's vote shouldnt be worth more than anybody elses. Epsecially if its a non-electef official. If you havent been elected as a representative, Why should u have any say in who wins the election? Every citizen's vote should be counted. Get rid of superdelegates, Its a stupid and outdated idea. Nothing good comes out of it besides superdelegate getting their pockets filled from campaign contributers trying to earn their vote. I hope superdelegate die a slow and painful death, Along with the corrupt senator we have in office.

  • Abolish super delegates

    It's hypocritical that the so called oldest democracy in the world uses super delegates to rig the primaries and the Electral College to rig the Presidential election. Even though I hate everything the Republicans stand for I will not vote for a Democratic candidate until the super delegates are abolished. Currently US democracy is a great big lie.

  • Sack the Super-Delegates.

    The whole point of a primary is to have the voters of the party elect a nominee for the general election. Super-delegates circumvent this purpose and allow insiders in the party to have a larger voice than everyone else. At best it makes the issues the super-delegates care about more important to the candidate than they otherwise would be. At worst it leads to outright corruption. Eliminate it. One person, one vote, period!

  • Superdelegates are Super Stupid

    What is the point of having primaries if the party wants to pick the nominee? They want to pretend that we have a choice? Superdelegates have no place in our current political process. Actually, the electoral college is just as ridiculous. Go with the popular vote and let each vote count in each step of the process.

  • Yes it should.

    Super Delegates are nothing but a establishment party members who use their extra voting rights to rigg the primaries. Take New Hampshirefor example. Bernie Sanders won 60% of the popular vote, but thanks to the state's superdelegates, backing Hilary, like they were ordered to, Hilary still got 20 delegates to Sander's 15. The people want Sanders, but the party bosses want Hilary, and do not care what the people think.

  • Bylaws are not laws at all

    When the Democrats were in court after last election, their lawyer made it clear to the judge that bylaws and rules were voluntary, and since the parties are private entities, they could break them if they wanted to. And last election there weren't many that went unscathed. With no real rules there's no way to tell what one is really signing up for.

  • Leave it as it

    The way that the government, and more specifically the democratic party, runs their conventions has been the same for a very long time, and they do it a certain way because they know it works well. They should not change it, since it is working fine how it is now.

  • Its a bylaw

    The Democratic National Convention is a body that has the right to set its own rules and bylaws. Everybody entitled to representation in the DNC willfully registers for them, and as such abides by the already present rules, amongst them being the powers and positions of the super delegates and the subsequent system.

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