Should the Supreme Court end affirmative action in higher education?

  • Yes. Affirmative action in higher education has created an unfair discrimination policy by institutions in fear of ridicule.

    Affirmative action has created a reverse racism policy in the acceptance of students. Students should be accepted based on merit and capability only; race isn't a rational difference maker. The race portion of college applications should be removed. To think of racism as stupid and only followed by incompetent but then use the same line of reasoning for advantage is just as bad. Time to go.

  • I don’t think that the Supreme Court should end affirmative action in higher education.

    I don’t think that the Supreme Court should end affirmative action
    in higher education. You can’t erase
    centuries of discrimination and institutionalized racism in a few short
    decades. The sad fact is that
    affirmative action is necessary to force some people to do the right thing
    because they would discriminate forever if they could.

  • Equality means equal treatment, not special treatment.

    A standard, a grade a score... To be equal means you must take in the good and the bad, you cannot receive special treatment and should not give any as well.

    Somebody had a dream where you wouldn't be judge by the color of your skin, but rather by your actions. What happened to that dream?

    Posted by: N711
  • If you really want equality than you would approve of Affirmative Action

    I am all about people being judged just on their qualifications. Unfortunately, the way most of our systems are set up, there is a huge amount of institutionalized racism that 99.9999% of people are not even aware of. It ranges from education to the criminal justice system and often appears when applying to jobs. In a perfect world, I think that, of course, everyone should be judged by their scores and qualifications alone. In fact, I would be the first person to say that the government really has no place in this argument. However, the fact is that the government is supposed to be protecting our liberties and a lot of people's liberties are being trampled on because of years of oppression. Until every person, regardless of race or social class, truly has equal opportunities, then I believe that it is our responsibility to guard the rights of those people who are born with an institutionalized disadvantage.

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