Should the Supreme Court order abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act with all deliberate speed?

  • It should have and it is no more.

    The Defense Of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional and rightly so. There is no viable reason why gays and lesbians should be afforded any treatment that is less than the treatment that their heterosexual brethren are afforded. DOMA was a human rights violation. Now that DOMA is gone, gay and lesbian couples can receive federal rights that they deserve.

  • DOMA Needs to Be Eliminated By Courts

    The Supreme Court needs to strike down all of DOMA to ensure equality in the United States. None of DOMA is right, and it shouldn't be considered constitutional either. Only parts of DOMA were eliminated by the Supreme Court's ruling, and the rest of the law needs to be done away with.

  • America is ready

    The process of legalizing gay marriage has become very quick and it is becoming increasingly clear that mainstream America is ready to accept gay marriage. There will be backlash no matter what, but the federal ban must never occur. State by state, eventually even the hardcore conservative ones will be accepting the way of the future.

  • The Supreme Court should order abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act with all deliberate speed.

    The Supreme Court should order abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act with all deliberate speed. Many states are creating and enacting their own laws about gay marriage, and that is where the power to decide marriage should be placed- with the states. The federal government should abandon any claim it has to gay marriage laws.

  • Make same sex marriage legal.

    People need to get over themselves! Why are heterosexuals so concerned with what
    homosexuals do with their bodies? If two
    homosexuals respect the sanctity of marriage and want to get married, why not
    let them? There is no good reason not
    to. They deserve to be respected just
    like everyone else.

  • Yes, the supreme court should abandon the Defense of Marriage Act because it is discriminatory.

    The Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as between a man or woman. The United States was founded on the principal that all men were created equal. No one chooses their sexual orientation and barring gays from marrying is heavily implying that there are not equal. The Defense of Marriage Act was also created partly for the purpose of displaying moral disapproval towards non-heterosexual marriage. This intent to display moral disapproval has no place in the government.

  • No they should handle it like anything else

    The Supreme Court is often very slow in making decisions. They choose what to decide on and make careful decisions because their decisions change society. They should handle the Defense of Marriage Act the same way they would handle any other court case that comes before them in order to make the best decision.

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