Should the Supreme Court rule that there will be new elections due to voter intimidation?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • A vote won through intimidation is undemocratic and should be annuled
    There is a massive amount of evidence that voter intimidation lead to Trump's victory in the swing states.
    If there was voter intimidation then it's not a fair or free election. Voter intimidation means the election should be annuled and a new one called with safeguards in place to prevent intimidation.
    In Ukraine years ago their Supreme Court ruled that an election had to be reheld for this same reason. If it's good enough for Ukraine it's good enough for us.
    But the Supreme Court is unlikely to consider this case unless it realizes there is a broad public demand for it.

  • Excuses to reconcile leftist worldview with reality.

    The article shared has no proof that voter intimidation happened in the first place. We need to accept the results of the election and unite as a people. We are all neighbors and we can only prosper when we work together. There are people who want us to be divided and it is important that we do not fall into this trap.

  • Almost voted yes

    Almost voted yes because of the violent actions and death threats of the left supporters tonight, after the vote didn't go their way. My family has experienced intimidation from the left, if they find out who we support, at work, and school. I'm still hoping it won't get to the point, like in many 3rd world countries where people are afraid to vote, if they can at all. I'm hoping maturity and common sense will prevail and we can continue to have free and peaceful elections, because a ruling allowing Supreme Court to order a new election could be inviting a whole new set of problems. But the people need to regain respect for differing opinions, and learn to be gracious losers, or we will end up with a dictatorship, not a free republic.

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