Should the Supreme Court Uphold Personal Limits on Campaign Contributions?

  • Campaign spending should be capped.

    A recent study revealed that, for the first time in American history, more than half of Congress is comprised of millionaires. This is direct reflection of the large amounts of money required to run a successful campaign for office in contemporary America. Only the rich can afford to run. The result is an imbalance of power and a detachment from the average American that is directly reflected in the extremely low approval ratings of Congress's approval. Campaing limits, therefore, should be capped.

  • Supreme Court Must Limit Corporate Giving First

    If the Supreme Court of the United States is to uphold the personal limit on campaign contributions, it must first reverse the decision that enabled corporations to have unlimited spending on federal election campaigns. Dollars are almost equated to votes in today's consumer-based commercialist society. If we are going to do with away with limits on corporations, we should not limit individuals from voicing their free speech by donating as much money as possible to their candidate as opposed to corporate giving. The way around the law is for individuals to create their own company, their own PAC and then have unlimited money to give to campaigns.

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