Should the Supreme Court weigh in on gay marriage?

  • yes, the supreme court should make a ruling on gay marriage

    It's a sad situation that a basic human rights issue has to be fought all the way to the supreme court, but the reality is without a supreme court decision on the matter this issue is never going to be put to rest. I wish we lived in a perfect world and I could say no, the supreme court should not have to hear this issue because it's not necessary. Now, my only hope is that the supreme court is reasonable and decides to "grant" this basic human right to consenting adults who wish to get married.

  • Yes, Let the Supreme Court Decide

    There is enough turmoil in our great land without people moving from state to state so they can legally get married only to find the state they moved to has voted to retract the right for them to marry. This on again off again scenario that moves from state to state is like an itch that moves around a body causing infections when it is scratched. The Supreme Court can give a national decision and settle the matter in finality.

  • Yes, gay marriage should be handled by the Supreme Court

    It is a decision that has divided the country for far too long, with one of the largest reasons being that it is currently up to the states to decide if it is right or wrong. This law has to do with companionship, love, and religion. There is no stronger social issue currently in America. A decision needs to be made at a national level in order to come together.

  • Anyone hear about Abortion?

    The Supreme Court exists to review laws, not make them. Roe v. Wade has divided this country for 41 years because it was decided in the court and not by Congress. It would be a mistake to do this with gay marriage and start another lifelong culture war because people were forced to accept something they didn't like by an unelected body. Instead it will eventually be passed state by state and then people who are impatient will vote for it as more states get it and realize its here to stay.

  • They deserve to have a choice!

    All people should have the right to marry who they want and they shouldn't have to fight for who they want to marry! People deserve to fall In love with who they want and it is a basic and simple human right. All gay people shouldn't have to fight to marry, they should be given the right and they should've had it in the first place!

  • There should be no need!

    I completely and utterly support gay marriage, and believe it should be legal without the consent of the Supreme Court. Don't leave the lives of millions up to several opinionated judges. If others do not enjoy the presence of gays, then leave, just as you would if you did not like the smell of someone, of the way they looked.

  • No, no court should weigh in on gay marriage.

    There should be no question as to the legality of two consenting adults getting married. There should be no discussion. It's a basic human rights issue. Gays should not have to fight for legislation to get married, it should simply be a given. They are consenting adults, they should be able to get married, period.

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