• All types of flu's should be a concern

    Especially with all the people that are choosing not to get vaccinated anymore, It could very easily get out of hand if people don't be careful. I kind of blame the health care industry for this. They try to make max profits off of sick people and now not many people trust the industry. We know they are just looking out for their wallets over the welfare of everyone.

  • Swine flu is still a major concern.

    Yes, swine flu should still be considered a major concern for society. There was recently another influx of swine flu, also know as the H1N1 virus. That goes to show that it is still around and is very lethal. If it spreads rapidly, the potential for an epidemic to occur still exists, and thus swine flu should still be a major concern.

  • Yes, I think the swing flu should still be a major concern.

    The swine flu will always be a thing that threats us from time to time the biggest fear is that it's able to mutate in a way that allows for easy transmission from person to person, so I believe continuous research should be done on the Swing Flu and more treatment methods developed before it's too late.

  • yes it should

    yes, this is a bad illness that needs to be a cause of concern for a lot of people in this nation. I had it once, and i was at home on the couch for a week as sick as i had ever been, and a lot of people get worse.

  • No, swine flu shouldn't be a major concern.

    I don't think that something like swine flu should still be a major concern among the general public. There hasn't been a widespread case of swine flu for a while. While it is still a concern in some places, considering some people have died of it recently, for the most part, the world shouldn't be concerned about it.

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