• Being T is Not Being Gay

    Association with the LGBs is a double-edged sword for trans people. It has given them a voice and at the same time it has helped reinforce the myth that Ts are gays. They're not. Times have changed. The Ts are growing in number, and it's about time they put up their own banner.

  • It's a mental illness

    Trans people have a mental illness. LGB is about sexual orientation, and homosexuality isn't a mental illness. Why should I pretend that you say you're a woman even though every cell in your body, with the exception of a few sperm cells (a lot more than a few lol) are male? I think that they should have their own movement and not ride the coat tails of the LGB community.

  • No, because it exposes their true agenda.

    The true agenda of the LGBT is to destroy the distinction between men and women. To deny the importance of marriage. To deny Gods design for our life and our sexuality.
    The letters do not represent people that struggle with certain desires, but people that fight against the God given order of things. More and more letters keep getting added, but it will never include a letter representing straight people living Godly lives.

  • It gives Transsexuals valuable P.R.

    I don't associate the rainbow flag with only gay people. I associate the flag and the movement with everybody who deviates from a traditional straight relationship, whether that be gay, bi, or trans. They all had to fight and are still fighting to get some equality, and that's what it's really about. It's more of a unification against the people who attack so-called 'deviants'.

  • No they face discrimination just as much as the LGB's

    Even though I personally don't support them with the bathroom debate. (I do want them to be able to go where they are comfortable with, but unfortunately their opposition does make a good point when they point out that some perverts, may try to take advantage of the situation and try to spy on the other gender with their undergarments down) I do think that the transgendered community, should still be represented along with gays and lesbians, to help all give a united face against those who wish to undermine the rights of all of the LGBT community.

  • No, absolutely not!

    They already have a hard time fitting in, they should at be included in the LGBTQ community. While changing the rest of our world for them (gender neutral bathrooms, they should have their very own bathroom instead) is wrong, they need rights too. If they can't fit into any community, there is bound to be a higher suicide rate among transgenders.

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